My name is Mat Smith. I'm 45 years old and have been suffering from Complicated Grief/Persistent Complex Bereavement Disorder (CG/PCBD) since I was a teenager, after my Mum died in hospital from an inoperable brain tumour.

Additional losses of my Grandmother, Father and one of my best friends in a relatively short period of time served to exacerbate a range of long-term grief complications. Each of these have been related to various social, psychological and neurological issues pertaining to different aspects of death, bereavement and loss.

I've spent practically my whole adult life learning how to manage CG/PCBD without actually knowing what it is and/or whether or not I actually had it, a period of time that has lasted for the past twenty-six years. During this time I've developed various coping mechanisms in order to live with grief complications. These have been both destructive and harmful as well as constructive and remedial.  

Until recently this aspect of my mental health had remained unrecognised and subsequently undiagnosed. I'm now coming to terms with what CG/PCBD is and what it means and am helping others to do the same.

Realising what these conditions are, seeking appropriate interventions and dedicating myself to these treatments has been fundamental to me learning to live with grief and developing better coping mechanisms. I understand and appreciate that this is going to take time and effort, however, I'm fully committed to wellness and am moving forward positively and constructively with hope for the future.  


I hope that the information provided here is both useful and helpful to you.


Best wishes and thanks again for visiting.