'Complicated Grief: Q & A' with Dr. M. Katherine Shear

Center for Complicated Grief, Published on-line 25th February 2014

'Getting Help for Complicated Grief'

Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADDA), Published on-line 14th June 2017

'Good grief; coping with loss' with Dr. Mary Delaney

Irish Hospice Association/Aware, Published on-line 20th June 2014

'Grieving and Mourning: The Psychology of Bereavement' with Dr. Colin Parkes

Humane Philosophy, Published on-line 12th March 2016

'Uncomplicating Complicated Grief - Journeying with Complicated Grief Therapy: A Client's Perspective' with John Barba 

Ted Voron/Voronosphere, Published on-line 1st June 2018

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